Appleton Xavier High School Retreat at Franciscan Sisters Convent

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

April 17, 2024

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed Appleton Xavier High School students at Holy Family Convent, Manitowoc, Wisconsin as part of an all-school Retreat day. Xavier Retreat Day is held each spring. There are a variety of one day retreats led by faculty members and other local Catholic leaders. The themes of the retreats at different locations vary each year but they all focus on building students’ relationships with Christ. Students are given the opportunity to select the retreat that best fits their individual spiritual needs.

For those students who chose our destination, this year’s theme was “Becoming the Face of the Risen Christ for Others.” Sister Pam Biehl led the morning sessions that focused on “listening with an understanding heart.” To begin the experience, each young woman was asked to describe themselves by naming an animal they are like and why. Sister Pam’s example was a monkey, always moving and happy.  It expresses well her easy to be with temperament and her gift of helping others be themselves as they relate to God and each other.  After the gift of the Eucharist, there was time for pondering how to “forgive others.” St. Francis Chapel provided a quiet, peaceful place for praying and journalling. Before and after lunch there were moments to tour the halls of the Motherhouse, while having some discussion time. 

One young woman described the afternoon activity to be “very purposeful”. Sister Elaine Turba directed the students in a quilt tying for the Salvatorian MissionWarehouse, New Holstein, Wisconsin. The quilts will be sent to Africa for families in need. This project began with Sister Elaine’s mother and continues with the help of her father and other family members. Students were quick to pick up on threading needles with yarn and completed the project in short order, even helping to cut quilt squares for future projects. Our last view of our guests after boarding the bus was hearing their voices and seeing their hands wave us good-bye.

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Sister Theresa Feldkamp 04/17/2024 @ 9:30 am

Thanks to Sister Pam, Sister Julie Ann and Sister Elaine for making this opportunity possible for the young women from Xavier. Thank you to the students from Xavier for sharing your enthusiasm and inspiring us with your desire to grow in your relationship with Christ. You give us hope for the future of the Church.


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