Franciscan Sisters Reflect on Eucharistic Pilgrimage Marian Route Part 2

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

June 17, 2024

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity continue to reflect on the wonder of the Eucharistic Pilgrimage at our Motherhouse Holy Family Convent, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. With St. Francis of Assisi we say: “The Lord of the universe, so humbles Himself that He hides Himself under an ordinary piece of bread! Look at the humility of God and pour out your hearts before Him!” Here are more thoughts from our Sisters. 

These words of St. Francis came to mind as we contemplated Jesus present in the Eucharist.  Francis urges us to pour out our hearts before Jesus.  This is just what I saw as our community of Sisters joined in song, prayer and presence with Jesus during this unique time of blessing.  As the incense rose so did the prayers of our hearts. – Sister Kathleen Murphy

There are so many beautiful images throughout our Eucharistic Pilgrimage to reflect upon. It was such a blessing and unifying experience to have the Eucharist come into our home in such a special way. The grounds of our Community were so alive, even the birds were participating in the procession.  I am filled with hope as the Marian Perpetual pilgrims continue the journey on to the Eucharistic Congress in thinking of the witness it brings to so many on the fringes of our Catholic faith.  I hope others feel empowered by the magnitude of the Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist and I hope the Eucharistic pilgrimage continues to gather us all into One body…One church. – Sister Michelle Marie Ozuna

I found the Eucharistic Pilgrimage beautiful and inspiring. I had an opportunity to visit with the young people accompanying and assisting the team. They exuded a love for the Eucharist and a generosity in service. We have them a tour of the Motherhouse and they were very impressed with our home – especially the Lourdes Grotto. It was a beautiful day. – Sister Laura Wolf

What a joy to welcome the pilgrims of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, accompanying Jesus, to our Motherhouse. As incense filled the air, the sounds of nature were fully alive during the Eucharistic procession, leading to a time of peace and reflection during Adoration. On this day, as with every day, it is a blessing to be able to spend time with our Beloved Jesus. May our God bless the pilgrims as they continue their journey and for all who will gather at the National Eucharistic Congress in July.  – Sister Catherine Peter Logan


Article Comments:

Sister Carla 06/20/2024 @ 5:00 pm

What a blessing for our sisters to join the Eucharistic Pilgrims processing to our Motherhouse! We are so fortunate to have Jesus present in the Eucharist in our Convent homes and to be able to go to daily Mass and receive Him. I pray this pilgrimage and Congress lights a fire the hearts of all of us.


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