Eucharistic Pilgrimages Stop at Franciscan Sisters Home Parishes

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

June 29, 2024

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity continue to share reflections on the experience of the Eucharistic Pilgrimage in Wisconsin. 

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity had several opportunities to participate in the Eucharistic Pilgrimage. We were privileged to be on the Marian Route. Jesus, in The Blessed Sacrament made stops in small, faith-filled rural communities that are part of our Congregations legacy. Our Motherhouse, Holy Family Convent, provided an opportunity for all of our Sisters to join the pilgrims in the Procession, Adoration and Benediction.


A special blessing I had was to participate with the pilgrims in the town of St. Nazianz, WI, the home of our Foundress, Theresa Gramlich, Mother Gabriel, which is also my hometown. It was edifying to see so many families, middle aged and older people join the procession and the Holy Hour. It is humbling to know how much Jesus loves us, to invite everyone to come to Him and be renewed. – Sister Natalie Binversie

Sitting in St. Gregory’s Church in St. Nazianz …suddenly I started looking around and could only think about how often our Foundresses probably also prayed in this church. I wondered…where did they sit, kneel, pray? What was special to them? Just overwhelming to think that we were praying here and could be kneeling where our foundresses knelt…such a memorable experience!! Always with us in prayer. – Sister Caritas Strodthoff 

A special moment of grace for those of us belonging to St. Michael Parish, Whitelaw and St. Mary Parish, Clarks Mills was Jesus’ stop at St. Michael Church. Sister Dolores Herrman and I were there with members of our own families, as well as neighbors and friends from the area. It was easy to pray with all loved ones and remember all the special intentions of everyone dear to us. We enjoyed table conversation with other pilgrims after the prayer time at the church basement luncheon delighting in the desserts that these gatherings best provide. It was a day of Eucharist.  Stories even went back to the early days of construction of the church, years when Mother Alexis’ family got to know Mother Gabriel in our first days as a Franciscan community. At an appointed time it was an Irish lass from nearby Maple Grove, my Dad’s roots, that became our first postulant. Truthfully, our heritage is built on faith in a loving God. It is at the heart of all our precious relationships and all the selfless service that each day offers.- Sister Julie Ann Sheahan

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