Franciscan Sisters Sponsored St. Paul Elder Services, Inc. Receives Recognition

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 11, 2024

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sponsored St. Paul Elder Services, Inc. was recognized recently at the “Northeast Wisconsin Top Workplaces 2024” award ceremony in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

They received awards in three areas:

  • Top workplace
  • Leadership
  • An award called “Doers” which recognizes how they get things done

Read more here: Employee input finds 12 Top Workplaces in Green Bay, Appleton (

C.E.O. Sondra Norder commented: “SPES was the TOP top workplace in the midsize category…..they had all participants ranked based on the employee survey responses, and we were number 1!  The leadership award that I received was for having the top score to the question: ‘I have confidence in the leader of this company,’ which again was for the midsize employer category.  And then the Doers award was for having the top score out of all size employers for the question ‘we do things efficiently and well.’

We are thrilled to have this validation of the work we have put in, especially over the last few years, to ensure our employees feel valued!”

We congratulate C.E.O. Sondra Norder and the entire staff at St. Paul Elder Services, Inc. for their dedication and spirit of generous service.

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