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The archives has a listing of all Sisters who were admitted and received into the Novitiate of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. This includes Baptismal records, birth name, family name, religious name, birthdate, place of birth, dates of admission, reception, first vows, final vows, date of death, names of parents and places of birth. Some photos and locations where a Sister has served are also available.

Missions / Places Served: Open and closed

We have a listing of the state, city and parish that the Community has served since 1869. (There are limited resources prior to 1900.) Information includes places no longer serving at and parishes presently serving. It includes information, lists of Sisters who served at the parish, and histories regarding the following: Hawaii, Arizona, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, California, Wisconsin, Washington DC, New Jersey, West Virginia, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Peru.

Motherhouse Tours

To set up a tour of the Motherhouse, contact: Sister Caritas at (preferred contact), 920-973-9814.

Genealogy Assistance

Limited family histories, baptismal records, photos of families and individuals. Assistance with resources for such.

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