Discernment Stories

Called to be a Franciscan Sister

Do you like to hear others’ talk about following God’s call to be women religious? As in the life of St. Francis, God’s call is personal and yet, built on the needs of others. God gently guides us, yet allows us free to choose. God loves us and desires our happiness.

My love for my vocation started early on my life and continues day after day. I was most fortunate to grow up in our wonderful Catholic family.”

-Sister Teresa Luetkenhaus

My vocation was a surprise when I first became aware. Over the years of saying yes to the call to religious life, my life has been one of purpose, meaning and satisfaction.”

-Sister Carol Ann Gambsky

Because I came from a small, close family, it was very difficult for me to follow my call. After I did, our Lord was very kind to me in that I never doubted my vocation.”

-Sister Frances Ann Longo

We invite you to find encouragement in some of our own Franciscan Sisters’ stories.

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