Called to be in T.A.U.

T.A.U. is a period of gradual preparation for the Postulancy that is adapted to the needs of a young woman who desires a deeper relationship with our Community of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

Those who through the Lord’s inspiration come to us desiring to accept this way of life are be received kindly.”

(TOR Rule, Chapter II, 4)

TAU is an acronym that means:

T-mutual testing by young woman and our Community of the authenticity of her call to be a Franciscan Sister

A-absorbing our particular Franciscan spirit and growing in feeling at home with us

U-gradual growth in understanding what it means to be in formation in our particular religious community i.e. greater self-understanding and knowledge of our Catholic faith

What does it feel like to begin T.A.U.?

Taking this first step helped me realize the reality that by going through this process, I am wholly giving myself to God. I look to the lives that my friends and other people my age live and subconsciously I was focusing so much on wanting to live their lives that I was cancelling out the life that God wants me to live. Once I realized this, I was able to cancel out all the distractions in my life and focus on God. The more I focus on God, the more I want to give my entire self to Him which causes me to have complete faith in Him. By taking this first step to become a Franciscan Sister, I am not only listening to God, but fully trust Him. I am finally following Him with utmost confidence.”

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