St. Peter Mission
Bapchule, AZ

The Franciscan Sisters are involved in a diversity of roles at St. Peter Indian Mission on the Gila River Reservation e.g. school principal, teacher, computer, librarian, and pastoral outreach. Click here to learn more about the Sisters. Watch our videos.

St. Andrew Parish
Sierra Vista, AZ

The Franciscan Sisters began serving at St. Andrew Parish in August 2014. One Sister is  Religious Education Director at St. Andrew Parish while another Sister is also a supportive presence in the local community.

St. Anthony of Padua Parish
Casa Grande, AZ

Franciscan Sisters began serving at St. Anthony of Padua Parish in July 2016. Two other Sisters serve the Diocese of Tucson as consultants in preparation for accreditation and in assisting teachers in serving special needs students. Click here to learn more about the Sisters.

San Xavier Mission
Tucson, AZ

On the Tohono O’odham Reservation, Franciscan Sisters teach at San Xavier Mission School and do pastoral work in religious education and in sacramental ministry to all ages.

You don’t have to be 100% sure of anything before you can take a step toward what you want. Take one step in the direction and it’ll lead you to another.”

-Sister Carla

Santa Cruz Parish
Tucson, AZ

In 2004 a Francisan Sister of Christian Charity served as principal. Today one of our Sisters serves as a school counselor and another assists teachers with certification and other administrative tasks.

Christo Rey High School
Tucson, AZ

In 2015 a Franciscan Sister joined the faculty as a theology teacher.

Diocese of Tucson

One of our Sisters serves on the Diocesan of Tucson level in the area of Social Justice. Another is serving as a consultant in the field of special education.

Immaculate Conception Parish
Yuma Catholic High School
Yuma, AZ

While serving at Immaculate Conception Grade School since the 1930’s in various roles of Catholic education, the Franciscan Sisters were invited by Bishop Gerald Kicanas to serve at Yuma Catholic High School in 2000. The Sisters continue to serve the parish and offer assistance to both school settings. Watch our videos that share our life.

Take time to listen to God-in prayer, nature, people around you, events in your life. He’s part of it all.”

-Sister Charleen