Where Are We From

Franciscan Sisters’ Home Parishes

You may wonder from where our Sisters have been called. Here is a list of the home parishes of some of our Sisters. Maybe you know or remember some of them?

I owe my vocation to two girlfriends who inspired me.”

-Sister Nathanael

Appleton, WI

St. Joseph Parish

  • Sister Audrey Kolosso
  • Sister Shirley Spilker

 St.  Therese Parish

  • Sister Ann Carla Baumann
  • Sister Rosangela Wieland 
  • Sister Mary Stephen Keller
  • Sister Camilla Wolfgram
  • Sister Julius Wickesberg
  • Sister Marlene Schwaller
  • Sister Cabrini Schmidt
  • Sister Paul Mathy
  • Sister Lois Ann Gosch
  • Sister Martina Van Ryzin
  • Sister Janice Stingle
  • Sister Shiela Kasten

St. Pius X Parish

  • Sister Katherine Warning

Columbus, OH

Holy Family Parish

  • Sister June Smith

Delaware, OH

St. Mary Parish

  • Sister David Marie Long
  • Sister Laura Wolf

Chicago, IL

Seven Holy Founders

  • Sister Elizabeth Ann Miller

Sheboygan, WI

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish

  • Postulant Mary Bettag

Battle Creek, NE

St. Francis De Sales

  • Sister Marie Voborny

You see we come from all walks of life, from parishes small and large, and from rural and urban areas, from Wisconsin and Ohio, Indiana and Nebraska, Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, New York, Hawaii, Iowa, California, and Arizona.

Watch for further postings of our Sisters’ home parishes.