Franciscan Calendar: Blessed Giles of Lorenzana

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 16, 2019

During the month of January, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity highlight on the Franciscan Calendar Blessed Giles of Lorenzana. Born in a faith-filled family in Italy, Blessed Giles of Lorenzana received the name of Bernardine at the time of his baptism. He eventually became a lay brother at the convent of the Friars Minor. He was happily given the name Giles after one of the first companions of St Francis of Assisi.

If you ever hear bells pealing, without a person actually pulling the ropes (and the bells are not automatic), this happened when Blessed Giles died in 1518. He was known to be a very holy friar, living in a hermitage close to the main convent. His body was later said to also be incorrupt though buried in very damp ground. Learn more.

Knowing blessed Giles modeled his life after one of the first members of the Franciscan Order, these words by the first Brother Giles when speaking of the words and deeds of St. Francis seem appropriate today as well: “Our religion is like a fisherman who casts his nets into the water catching a great number of fish. Seeing the number of fish, he puts the big ones in his baskets, leaving the small ones in the water.” We pray, through the intercession of Blessed Giles of Lorenzana, for an abundance of young women to join us in serving God’s people and living the Gospel life.

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