Where Franciscan Sisters Are From

I came to visit my cousin who was a Sister and I just remember the laughter among the Sisters. They were so happy and joyful. It was the Franciscan joy that drew me here.

- Sister Carol Seidl, OSF

I think of my call as similar to the story of Hansel and Gretel. They dropped bread crumbs, planning to follow them and make their way home. God just continued to drop one crumb after another so that I could follow in small steps. Bit by bit, I continue to look for His signs on my journey home. -Sister Kathleen Murphy, OSF

You may wonder from where our Sisters have been called. We come from dioceses of faith-filled people. Here is a list of the home parishes of some of our Sisters. Maybe you know or remember some of them? We’ll continue to share bit by bit the mysterious wonders of God’s call from parishes near and far.


St. Paul Catholic Church, Austin, Texas

  • Novice Sr. Michelle Ozuna

Holy Apostles Catholic Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Novice Sr. Catherine Peter Logan

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Midland, Texas

  • Sr. Concepción, Medina

Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

  • Sr. Mary Teresa Bettag

St. Therese, Appleton, Wisconsin

  • Sr. Ann Carla Baumann
  • Sr. Rosangela Wieland
  • Sr. Mary Stephen Keller
  • Sr. Camilla Wolfgram
  • Sr. Marlene Schwaller
  • Sr. Cabrini Schmidt
  • Sr. Paul Mathy
  • Sr. Lois Ann Gosch
  • Sr. Martina Van Ryzin
  • Sr. Janice Stingle
  • Sr. Sheila Kasten

St. Frances DeSales, Manistique, MI

  • Sr. Jan Vilemure
  • Sr. Bernadone Fagan
  • Sr. Nathanael Jenks

I owe my vocation to two girlfriends who inspired me.”
-Sr. Nathanael Jenks, OSF

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary , West Point, Nebraska

  • Sr. Doris Jurgenson

Sacred Heart, Parker, Arizona

  • Sr. Elena Gonzales

St. Mary, Delaware, Ohio

  • Sr. Laura Wolf

Holy Cross, Beemer, Nebraska

  • Sr. Karen Suhr
  • Sr. Rita Mae Suhr

Sometimes our prayers don’t always match God’s intentions for us. Sometimes the very thing we are resisting is what God actually wants for us, for our true happiness. Sr. Angela Paul, OSF

San Roque, Santa Barbara, California

  • Sr. Dora Lee Monian

Our Lord of Mercy, Hatch, New Mexico

  • Sr. Elizabeth Benvie

St. Joseph, Cresco, Iowa

  • Sr. Mary Ann Tupy

St. Raymond, East Rockaway, New York

  • Sr. Francis Mason

God Calls You. We Invite You.

Called to Be Franciscan