Vocation Discernment Events

We invite Catholic young adult single women discerning consecrated life to a special retreat experience or vocation visits this summer. A retreat can be a insightful and inspiring step forward, moving from discernment to action in following God’s will. Honest questions about Franciscan Life and a calling as a consecrated religious are most welcome.

Career or Calling

If you’re a young adult woman, you are at a decisive time of life. Our Sisters respect your life experiences, perspective and gifts of those with professional responsibilities and educational goals while still young adults. Talents and background in a variety of areas, from social services to health care to education to IT skills may be part of God’s plan in a Franciscan ministry.

Anytime May-September Your Own Special Discernment Retreat

Design a discernment experience just for yourself at our Wisconsin Motherhouse. St. Francis sought sacred spaces to be with God, so we offer you: Solitude and silence, balanced with meaningful conversations with our Sisters; Opportunity for spiritual direction as well as service.

It was very helpful to be able to take a break from my busy life to stop and reflect and listen. Then, it was very helpful to be able to talk about what thoughts were running through my head. – Eleanor

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May 24-26 Introducing Meditation and Contemplation

Franciscan Sister Jacqueline Spaniola, OSF guides young adult women in how to meditate and grow in contemplative prayer. These are essential helps for discernment. Overnight accommodations are available. Commuters are also welcome.

Time for prayer in a beautiful, quiet environment surrounded with support and guidance touched my heart. God gave me many “nuggets” to continue to pray about with Him during this time here. – Tracy

June 2-8 The Possibility of the Impossible

Through Scripture and prayer, silently explore and reflect upon our Community’s unique Sacred History. Come for the opening conference June 2 or for just a day or two. Fr. Steve Olds from Boynton Beach, FL preaches this retreat.

The warmth, hospitality, and overall kindness that was bestowed upon us from all the Sisters really touched my heart. – Kim

July 14-20 Franciscan Joy

Conferences explore the basic aspects of our Franciscan religious life, with virtual visits to the Holy Land and Franciscan shrines complimenting the presentations. Enjoy the whole week of conferences or a few days of silence and prayer. Fr. Greg Friedman, OFM from Washington, DC leads this retreat.

I learned that to bring yourself closer to God, start with simple things and not be afraid to shine your light. – Alli

St Francis Basillica in Assisi

All is a gift to help you discern if you are called to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. Please call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632 with your questions. For more information or to register, visit: https://fscc-calledtobe.org

About Our Motherhouse

franiscan sistes Motherhouse home

Places have power, and can evoke meaning, direction and spirit. When we visit them thoughtfully we can experience the presence of those who have been there before us: we can sense something of their spirit. – Roch Niemier, OFM

From the earliest days of our Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, the property of our Motherhouse, 4 miles from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, bordering Silver Lake, was thought to be our promised land. It was a vision in Mother Odelia’s prayer that it become “a beautiful location for a convent.” It continues to be an important part of our Community story, significant in the calling of each of our Sisters. It is our home. Perhaps it will someday be your home as well.

In this spirit, we invite you to visit our Franciscan home.

God Calls You. We Invite You.

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