“Especially Initial Formation when you’re in Postulancy, you have to really step back from your so-called materialistic lifestyle. And begin to live their lifestyle. And that was a huge step for me.”Sr. Elena Gonzales, OSF

Postulancy is an opportunity for a young woman to discern her calling in a transitional and experiential environment. Postulancy has often been referred to as an “extended Come and See”. Postulants receive regular personal guidance, group instruction and formal guidance in prayer. They pray with us at Eucharist, Morning and Evening Prayer in our Motherhouse. Young women explore education, health care, parish work, and other ministries after dialogue about interests, insights, and gifts. Academic, spiritual, and volunteer experiences are provided and regular dialogue places Jesus’ will for the Postulant at the center of her and the Community’s life.


“It is a life style change, but a good one. It’s learning a lot about Community life and Prayer life. This brings us closer together and closer to God. So all is Great!” – Sr. Clare Rose

“I am the clay He is the Potter, the Divine Potter. To be a Postulant is like a unique transformative shaping-to be filled with His Son, for the greater glory of God.” – Sr. Colleen

“Being a Postulant is a Spirit-filled adventure. I enjoy being part of an active community where I can serve in various areas while also studying and growing in my relationship with Jesus. Please do visit us if you are feeling nudged by the Holy Spirit. There are so many Sisters here who will welcome you, and with the various personalities, it truly is okay to be the woman Jesus has created you to be.” – Sr. Cecilia Joy

Desire to hear more? Visit our CalledtobeFranciscan YouTube Channel for our Postulant and Novice podcasts and others that picture what life is like for those called to be a Franciscan Sister.

“Fear is not a bad place to start a spiritual journey.” – Kathleen Norris

Looking to Mary as a model for religious, Postulants receive the Insignia, the Franciscan coat of arms with Jesus’ and St. Francis’ hands crossed in blessing, in a prayer service near a Marian feast. They have a home visit with family and friends at Christmas and in May.

Families also may visit in the fall and spring at our Motherhouse. Before Reception into the Novitiate in June there is a silent retreat.

“God loves me. I’m not here just to fill a place, just to be a number. He has chosen me for a purpose.” – St. Teresa of Calcutta


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