Ecce Homo by Franciscan Sister Mariella Erdmann

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March 29, 2021

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mariella Erdmann offers an image of the Ecce Homo at this time in our history including the pandemic. Her own explanation follows.

Explanation of the Ecce Homo painting.

I was praying and thinking about Christ in the last month.  The image of an Ecce Homo kept coming to mind.  I know so well the effect of the Pandemic on so many people and the state of affairs in the world and in our country and our Church.  There is so much confusion and fear due to the Pandemic and so much mistrust in governments and especially the media.  Where in lies the truth?

These situations brought me to thinking of the one stable in our lives and that is God.  God’s love is shown to us through Christ.  The painting shows Christ with a crown of thorns symbolizing his passion. The thorns are green which is a sign of hope and the background is red which symbolizes love and suffering.  Christ eyes are sad but very loving and compassionate. He is not sad because of his suffering but because of the lack so many to accept his sacrifice for our salvation.  In a post-Christian era, so many turn away from the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Christ is inviting each person to turn to him and believe in him.  He is sent by the Father and is wanting to bring us all back to his Father so we can enjoy the fullness of life.

Christ’s robe is white which symbolizing light and life.  His hands are extended in invitation and blessing and his heart is white and aglow with love.  It is Eucharistic; it becomes a monstrance.  He has given us his body and his blood – the perfect sacrifice that we with him can offer each day to the Father at Mass as well as receive him in the Eucharist.  Our God lavishes us with his love but he does not force us to accept it.

Ecce Homo by Sister Mariella Erdmann OSF

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