Listen to these beautiful songs by talented artists who encourage a discerning heart and Gospel action. See God's goodness in and around you.

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Pace e Bene by Brother Al Mascia OFM


Pace e Bene inspired by the manner in which St. Francis greeted his fellow human beings no matter who they were. Brother Al Mascia OFM has been working with our sisters and brothers in need for many, many years including by establishing a Catholic Worker House for indigent persons with AIDS in Chicago back in the 1980’s until today by means of a great big vehicle called the Care’avan. He is also co-founder of the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace which promotes ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, reconciliation, peacemaking and education through Music, Art, organic farming and compassionate acts of community service.

When Your Heart Breaks Through by Sam Brenner


I love an audience. Always have. I’ve been pretending to play to sold-out crowds since I was a little kid. When I was 12, my parents bought me my first guitar—an acoustic Yamaha FD01S. That gift was enough to fuel a big dream. I pursued that dream with fervor and started playing my music in clubs, coffeehouses, and colleges all around the country. During my time on the road, I was fortunate to share stages with talented artists such as Lifehouse, The Verve Pipe, Steve Moakler, Andrew Ripp, Jesse Ruben, Lee DeWyze (American Idol winner), Griffin House, Joshua James, Barnaby Bright, and Brooke Annibale. Thousands of miles, hundreds of shows, dozens of broken guitar strings, and two studio albums later, I decided music will always be an important part of my life but it didn't need to be my full-time gig.

Come Holy Spirit


This anonymous piece comes with wind and the gifts of the Holy Spirit as we celebrate Pentecost every day.

Jubilate Deo by Sister Renée Mirkes OSF


To celebrate the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sesquicentennial, Sister Renée Mirkes wrote this score. The choristers are high school student members of the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter's Catholic Church, Omaha, NE. The organist is Christopher Candela, the music director at St. Peter's. The recording technician is Clete Baker who records the Omaha Symphony. Another gentleman, Art Coate, used his music software program to help produce the finished score. The text of the verses combines the 3-fold theme: we recall (remember), we rejoice, we respond with text from the poetry of the Franciscan, Jacapone da Todi, 14th century. The refrain is the Latin phrase, Jubilate Deo--Sing Joyful Praise to God. The verses pick up tempo, imitating the quick steps of St. Clare, the slower, march-like tempo of the refrain imitates the preaching march of the friars throughout Umbria.

Song of Bernadette by Jennifer Warnes and Leonard Cohen and Bill Elliott


"Song of Bernadette" is a song written by Jennifer Warnes, Leonard Cohen and Bill Elliott, and first recorded on Jennifer Warnes' 1986 album Famous Blue Raincoat. The title refers to Bernadette Soubirous, a young French girl in the mid-19th century who claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary on several occasions. She was canonized by the Catholic Church and proclaimed Saint Bernadette after her death.

Impermanent Things by Peter Himmelman


Impermanent Things , a song that pleads for seeing life with new eyes, Peter Himmelman , multi-faceted musician and Emmy nominated film and television composer, offers this timely reflection suggesting movement to action,

Here I Go by Jayme Dawicki


Nominated WAMI’s (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Album of the Year and Pop Artist of the Year, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity bring back by popular acclaim Jayme Dawicki’s “Here I Go”. Are you ready for your life to change?

Love is Our Cross to Bear by John Gorka


The ballad, Love is Our Cross, by John Gorka is pleasant, calm and gentle. The baritone singer accompanied by a guitar is quite peaceful. In listening to this piece a person can reflect on relationships: family, friends, God.

Peace and All Good by Mark Kolter and Sue Brink


Sung by Sue Bruk, written by Mark Kolter, with Tanner-Monagle for Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, ‘Peace and All Good’s’ lyrics- ‘called to be’- and reflective arrangement are an invitation to follow your call from God and find peace in yourself, in others and in the world around you.