We Invite You

Discern Your Call to Consecrated Life

Open yourself to the Gospel of Jesus with St. Francis, St. Clare, and the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity! Join us and other young women at our Wisconsin Motherhouse.

Listen to your heart and trust that our Lord is never ‘outdone’ in His loving care and generosity.” -Sister Frances Ann Longo

Vocation Discernment Events and Retreats

First, let us know what date(s) works for you. If you are looking for some time to consider what you are ‘called to be’, we are open to planning with you and any of your companions whether in Manitowoc, WI or at one of our local convents near you .  Click here or call/text Sister Julie Ann at 920.323.9632.

Discerning 20 Something Retreats: “…what I long for with all my heart”


Discerning your calling? Considering a vocation decision? Peace and quiet is essential to discernment. Silence opens the door to prayer. Prayer opens the way to hearing God. If you feel called to turn off your cell phone and take time to hear God’s call…we invite you to leave behind constant noises and busyness to listen deeply to where God is calling you in your future. What is it that you long for with all your heart.

Franciscan Sisters and Cistercian Nuns Offer Silent Discernment of Spirits Retreat Day

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and Cistercians Nuns invite you April 21, 2018 to a day specially designed for single, young adult Catholic women to provide  tools to discern your calling. Franciscan Sister Jacqueline Spaniola leads the retreat, based on St. Ignatius’ discernment process to guide you in understanding God’s will for your life at the Valley of Our Lady Cistercian Monastery, Prairie du Sac, WI.  Day begins with Mass at 8 a.m. and closes at 4:30 p.m. with the option of praying Vespers with the Nuns at 4:45 p.m.. There is no cost for the retreat, but registration required. Call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632 re: questions. Click here to register: https://fscc-calledtobe.org/we-invite-you/retreat-registration/

Summer Offerings

Camp Franciscan 2018

Discover God’s goodness! Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite young women active in their professional lives or in college, as well as in high school on June 11-14, 2018 to Camp Franciscan: Do Not Be Afraid. You Have Found Favor With God. Camp begins at 10 a.m on June 11 and closes at 1 p.m. on June 14.

Hearing the Sisters’ vocation testimonies was my favorite part of camp! They were so sweet and funny! – Mia, Arizona

I learned that to bring yourself closer to God start with simple things and not be afraid to shine your light. -Allie, Wisconsin

  • Experience growth in your relationships: yourself, others, God and the world.
  • Discover skills for developing personal reflection and discernment of one’s vocation.
  • Encounter religious and develop an awareness of a call to be a Franciscan Sister.

To register click here: 2018CampFranciscanregistration Download health record need: 2018CamperHealthHistoryForm Cost: $45

For more information, call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632.

Six Thinking Hats Presentation

On June 28 2-3:30 p.m. Franciscan Sister Marcolette Madden, OSF is facilitating a session the Six Thinking Hats. Are you interested in learning about a practical and positive approach to making decisions and exploring new ideas? Young women in discernment would gain much from this presentation that will be given at Holy Family Convent, 2409 S. Alverno Rd, Manitowoc, WI.

  • Blue Hat – Process
  • White Hat – Facts
  • Red Hat – Feelings
  • Green Hat – Creativity
  • Yellow Hat – Benefits
  • Black Hat – Cautions

Call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632 about your interest in joining us.

July 5: FSCC Camino – Mini Camino

Think back: it’s early July 1873 and the Sisters down at St. Boniface are all excited. Next week on July 23 the cornerstone of their Motherhouse is being laid. They would like to see how things are progressing. Join them in spirit as we walk from their home at St. Boniface in Manitowoc, up past the house that would become St. Mary Hospital in 1881, over to see where “Little Nazareth” is now located, through the fields and the roads to Silver Lake Park where Mother Odelia first dreamed of a new convent and then on to the place where the men are digging and building the foundation for the new cornerstone. It’s about 7-8 miles.

Young women are invited to arrive the night of July 4 or meet us on July 5 at St. Boniface Church, 1110 S. 10th Street, Manitowoc, WI. Call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632 if you are able to walk with us.

‘I Believe in the Communion of Saints’ Retreat

On July 5-8, 2018, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite single, young adult Catholic women to join some of our Sisters in a silent retreat entitled I Believe in the Communion of Saints led by Rev. Victor Hoagland CP at Holy Family Convent, 2409 S. Alverno Rd, Manitowoc, WI.


We commune with the saints and they with us. They’re our companions in life and the family we hope to join in God’s kingdom. In our retreat we will reflect on their lives and teachings-and rejoice in their company.

Ask about adjusting the timing to fit you and your summer plans. Call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632 re: your questions and if you are able to join us.

Introduction to Bonaventure

On July 9-10 2-3 p.m. Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Louise Hembrecht is teaching an Introduction to Bonaventure in St. Francis Chapel at Holy Family Convent, 2409 S. Alverno Rd, Manitowoc, WI.

Session 1: Introducing Bonaventure: Theologian, Philosopher, Saint. A thirteenth century Franciscan can be user-friendly in the twenty-first century.
Session 2: The Mystical Writings of Bonaventure – a map for holiness

Call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632 if you are interested in learning more about Franciscan Spirituality and would like to join us.

The Actions of God in Our Retreat

On July 15-18 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite young adult Catholic women to join some of our Sisters in a silent retreat entitled: The Actions of God in our Retreat. Rev. Mark A. Lewis, SJ leads this time of silence and renewal at Holy Family Convent, 2409 S. Alverno Rd., Manitowoc, WI.

Retreat time is often a time of rest and reflection where we find stillness to be with God. But if we notice, God remains active in our lives even during this quiet time, calling and guiding, inviting and sending. In the context of Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises suggestions in the ways God acts, speaks and calls forth a response in our prayers and in our lives will be given.

Call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632 re: interest or questions e.g. if you need to adjust the timing of your stay.

Conversations on Consecrated Life

Invite us to enjoy a conversation on Franciscan Consecrated Life with you and/or your friends at your favorite coffee house or another setting. Contact us here or call/text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632. We really look forward to meeting you.

Tucson, AZ  Vocation Holy Hour

Franciscan Sisters holy hour

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite young adults to join us for a Holy Hour   including Liturgy of the Hours. For dates and more information, let us know where you live. Call or text Sister Mary Ann at 920-320-1627.

Franciscan Sister Shadowing

Are you desiring to follow a Sister for a day to see what her life is like? We invite you to click here and let us know what day works for you.

Consider a Catholic Vocation with Franciscan Sisters

Discerning Megan called to be Franciscan Postulant

We invite you to view some of the Catholic vocation videos, featuring a diversity of our Franciscan Sisters, some who have served over 50 years, some who have served for 10 or 20 years, some in formation as novices and postulants. You’ll meet some of our sisters ‘in prayerful action’, as well as some of the wonderful people we serve. From students at St. Francis School in Greenwood Mississippi to St. Peter School in Bapchule, Arizona.  From patients, physicians and staff at our health care system in Ohio to young adults at San Xavier Mission. From a Sister serving as a Spiritual Director in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to young women having fun and involved in discernment at Camp Franciscan.