Where We Are

Franciscan Sisters: A Calling to Serve

Our Franciscan vocation calls us to diverse service in Catholic education, Catholic health care and community services throughout the United States. Like St. Francis, we discern our service in ‘out of the way’ urban and rural areas of Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin.

  • From Holy Family Convent and Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, Wisconsin to St. Therese in Kekaha, Hawaii, the westernmost parish of the United States
  • From community outreach in Yuma, AZ, to the pine scented Upper Peninsula of Michigan
  • From Catholic parochial schools in Wisconsin to health care ministry in Zanesville, OH
  • From the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Nebraska to the mission ministries of Arizona in and near Tucson, and Phoenix
  • From care to our elderly Sisters to care of the residents of St. Joseph Retirement Center, West Point, NE

My vocation-the call to serve God-is very precious to me. The seed of God’s love was ‘planted’ at an early age; this was due to God’s love and encouraged by my mother and father, for whom I am much blessed and grateful.”

-Sister Alice Marie

Freelance Photographer