Special Christian Class

Paul Keggington

October 01, 2007

Think back, I am sure if you are Catholic you can remember your First Reconciliation and First Holy Commuion. I teach these sacraments in our 87% noncatholic grade school. The students who are Catholic or who express a desire to be Catholic are in my “special Christian Class” as the students call it. I am amazed at how important and special this class is to the students. Chikyla said to me one day as she got off the bus, “I couldn`t wait for today because we have class today for Reconciliation.” Many non-catholic students come up and say, ” I wish I could be in your class.” Students who were in the class and received the sacraments joyfully and eagerly say, ” Oh, can we please come back to your class!” When they see us having class in the St. Francis Room they will say, “Oh, I remember that!” There are some noncatholic students who have begged and pestered their parents to allow them to become a Catholic but the parents will not give permission. The desire is so strong in some of our students. I know down the road when they are older they will be able to make the decision on their own. Evangelization happens all the time at our school and many times we don`t know it especially later on down the road of life. (St. Francis of Assisi School, Greenwood, MS)

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