All Hallows Eve

Paul Keggington

October 12, 2007

Why can`t we have a Halloween dance and Party, Sister? Because some people consider it the Devil`s Day at our school. Student Council was shocked and began to protest when all got quiet because one of their own Student Council members spoke up and said, ” It is the Devil`s Day! My parents told me.” With so many self-proclaimed churches here in the South there are a variety of beliefs that are taught the children. Children get confused as to who to believe-their church or their friends, especially when they see them having fun with the belief that is suppose to be so evil and wicked. The assignment  I gave to the Student Council was to go and research the original meaing of Halloween. Almost all had something to report back as they really wanted to convinve me to have that party. They were surprised to find out the history of Halloween and that trick-or-treating began when the poor people went begging door to door for food from the rich people. The rich people would give them food and in return would ask them to pray for their family members who have died. The students also found out that Halloween was originally called All-Hallows-Eve. My memories of Halloween are trick or treating with my brothers and sisters as ghosts and walking the neighborhood at night, knocking at doors and yelling, “Trick or Treat”. When the night was over we would pour out our candy on the living room floor and count the number of pieces of candy. The next day there was no school as it was All Saints` Day. What memories do you have of All Hallows Eve?

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