Be a Juggler of Compassion

Paul Keggington

October 19, 2007

“The servants of God are really like jugglers, intended to revive the hearts of men and lead them to spiritual joy.” St. Francis

(Sabatier, p. 137)

Have you been capturing the sunbeams of God’s grace inding light and peace in your life?

Have you written your insights into a journal or shared them with someone you trust?

Now, what is in your heart – casting a shadow?

At times it is helpful to look at people with their heartaches, sufferings,  sadness.

Is God alerting your eyes and heart to be a servant, one who goes forward to help?

Can you “juggle” your interests, worries, loves,

to bring joy and peace to someone who is weary, aching, lonely?

To become a servant of God is a gift from God:

To be like a sunbeam or a juggler

Bringing God’s compassion, joy, peace!

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