Our Life of Grace

Paul Keggington

November 01, 2007

Our bodies are made to grow as our inner life desires to grow in relationship with the Lord God.

At Baptism, our life as a child of God begins. This life of grace matures through Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance, prayer and doing good.

Relationship with the Lord changes and develops.  Notice. What change has happened in your life personal interests, plans, shadows, desires, virtues?

How important to you are family, education, travel, successes, failures, friends, personal growth?

We know the Lord is with us and active in our hearts.  As you examine personal change, see how this reflects the Lord’s presence and will within you. 

     Is God calling you to something more?

     Does the Lord desire you to be His own in a unique way?

     To what is He calling you?

Examine the change in your life:

     What is really important to you?

     In what are you really interested?

     Can God be asking you to focus more on His desires for you?

     What does the Lord want of you?

Helps for you may include:


     Speaking to a person you trust who has insight on call or vocation.

     Reading  about people who take God seriously.

     Praying. Placing your heart before the Lord.

     Love Him!

“This is what I want, this is what I was seeking.

From this day forth I shall set myself with all my strength to put it into practice.”

                                           St. Francis

                                                                                    (Sabatier p. 44)

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