The Trio

Paul Keggington

November 03, 2007

This posting is going to date me but most of you will remember that on November 2, Poor Souls Day, we would go to church and say 6 Our Fathers, 6 Hail Marys, and 6 Glory Bes, leave church and go back in and do it all over again and know that with each trio we would release a soul from purgatory.  Well, thankfully that is no longer the case but last night at St. Michael`s I attended the Mass of Remembrance.  In preparation for this Mass every family that lost a loved one during the past year got an invitation by mail to come and join the church community for this special Mass.

As you entered church one would see a large table draped in white with vigil lights on it for any mementoes you brought remembering those who have died. (pictures, prayer cards, anything that you wanted to bring)

During the intercessions all the names of loved ones are mentioned and as your loved one is mentioned you go up and light a candle as a family.  Than, if there is any friend, family member etc that you wish to pray for you mention it outloud but softly and everyone is doing this at the same time and now everyone in church is invited to light a candle. There is truly silent tears all over the church. 

After Mass Father Jed thanked everyone for coming and invited to a social after.

My thoughts go back to growing up and now and there is no comparison.

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