Lake Effect

Paul Keggington

November 07, 2007

Traveling back from our meeting in Manitowoc we experienced snow flakes, sunshine, rain and as we turned north on 41 at Rapid River the trees started to take on the most beautiful sight of our winters.  At Trenary there were snow laden trees heavy with our winter gift but as we got closer to Marquette the amount of snow lessened.  One could see that what did come down was heavy and slushy.  Dropped Pat Morin off and one could see that some thoughtful person shoveled her side walk and she did have at least 3 inches.  I drove six blocks east toward the lake to 1310 High and not a flake of snow anywhere.  Now according to the map I am three blocks from the lake and this is what they called “lake effect”  Called Republic and they got 14 inches of so called “lake effect” and they are 30 miles away from the lake.  I guess one would say I need a lesson on lake effect 

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