St. Bernadette with Lourdes Rose by Pat Benincasa

Paul Keggington

February 01, 2008

St. Bernadette with Lourdes RosePat Benincasa paints this portrait entitled St. Bernadette with Lourdes Rose. Pat writes: “How do you paint eyes that have seen Our Lady? How do you paint eyes that have witnessed what words cannot contain? These questions are what went through my mind when painting Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes.”

From website:

My approach to being an artist is based upon rigorous research, study and my need to take materials beyond conventional use…

I once read something that sums up my art making philosophy. When Martin Heidegger asked: “What is a thing?” and responded that ” You know what a thing is by the way it gathers the world unto itself,” his statement gave me a framework to define what art is. You know what art is by the way it gathers the world unto itself. To this I would add that Art is a point of proximity that dissolves the distinction between our “here and there” as it pulls us toward itself. In this pull we understand how connected we are to all living things. In this connection resides the Sacred.

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