Holy Thursday: Envision World of Goodness and Peace

Paul Keggington

March 21, 2008

images.jpgThe power of imagination can visualize Francis’ dramatic visit to the Sultan at Damietta and Holy Week 2008 and the 5th year of the invasion of Iraq all at the same time. Artists use these moments to create inspirational masterpieces that speak to a world yet to come. As we gather around our Holy Thursday tables of Eucharist, words from our own Catholic Social Teaching and the Third Order Regular Rule of St. Francis linger for our reflection:

“War is a scourage and is never an appropriate way to resolve problems that arise between nations…”

“As they announce peace with their lips, let them be careful to have it even more within their own hearts. No one should be roused to wrath or insult on their account, rather all should be moved to peace, goodwill and mercy because of their gentleness…”

amish4.jpgOne artist, Martin Doblmeier, created the film The Power of Forgiveness. Like the Gospels, it is a testament that forgiveness does transform lives. Panning scenes from Northern Ireland to Ground Zero to the Amish countryside, one can view a world where people believe in good and take steps for peace.

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