Franciscan Sisters at Silver Lake College, Manitowoc, WI

Paul Keggington

April 01, 2008

Silver Lake College chapelToday forty Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity live in community on the campus of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. Learn more about their lives together and in service to God’s people of Manitowoc county and beyond from the Sisters themselves.

Silver Lake College windowsThe college’s proud history was born out of an ever-growing need for the education of Sisters and for professionally prepared teachers in Catholic institutions. 

Mother Edna wrote in a November 1, 1954 letter: As religious, our first task is to make ourselves fit for his (God’s) service. As a Community we have the obligation of training our young members properly for the work that will be assigned to them, and in order to do that we must build a college. Now, we must act. With every passing day Our Lady of Guadalupethe need becomes more imperative. When we sit down like the man in the gospel story to count up our assets, we find none except you-and our Blessed Mother…it will be her project, launched in her year (1954-a Marian year), and dedicated to the formation of other Mary’s, who will double for her.”

Since its beginnings as Holy Family College in a wing in the Motherhouse of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, numerous curriculum studies and accreditations have strengthened the mission of this liberal arts institution of higher education. During this month of April, North Central Accreditation is once again scheduled for its formal on-site visitation.

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