Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle by Kataluma

Paul Keggington

June 10, 2008

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995951165_98e31690e5_m.jpgIn Luke’s gospel, the Greek word Kataluma designates by implication a lodging place. Mark uses it to describe “Dining Room” where the Last Supper takes place (and, some suggest, the same room where Pentecost occurred). More commonly, it describes the ‘breaking up or reprieve of a journey’. (photo taken by Giovanni Portelli)

144460259_4d30af60c9.jpgKataluma is also the name of an occasional coalescence of Wisconsin musicians and creatives. In this instance, it comprises John Tanner, Sue Bruk, Bob Monagle and Mark Kolter, who fashioned a transglobal approach to the hymn “Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle” as an energetic meditation for Catholic young adults, those recently confirmed and those preparing to attend World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia. (photo taken by yewenwi)

2259683275_c7d55736ae.jpgMr. Tanner is an experienced studio musician and highly regarded composer, with over twenty years of experience in scoring, arranging and music composition for television, radio, and theatre. His music is heard in commercials for Sprint, Bird’s Eye, Sears and as original scores and arrangements for the Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s “A Christmas Carol” since 1984, the American Player Theater’s productions of “Richard III”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “phedre”, and “The Learned Ladies”. (photo taken by Giovanni Portelli)

Mr. Tanner engineered the Violent Femmes’ album, “Violent Femmes”, which garnered both Gold and Platinum sales certification. His commercial music has won numerous awards, including Golden Reel Awards from the International Television Association for industrial video projects; Telly Awards; national, regional and local American Advertising Federation “Addys”, Silver Microphone awards, and RAC Awards for retail advertising. Find out more at

Ms. Bruk’s exceptional singing can be heard in many different commercials and productions, and she also writes music for and sings with the group, “Sacrifice of Praise”.

“Sacrifice of Praise” is known for tight harmonies, spirits that encourage and personal testimonies of God’s faithfulness. Their latest CD, You Carry Me celebrates and reflects on God’s unfailing faithfulness in the times of life’s greatest uncertainties.

Mr. Monagle plays guitar extraordinarily well.

wyd08logo.gifMr. Kolter is a songwriter and creative counsel. “I thought those traveling to Catholic World Youth Day, and those who wanted to go but couldn’t, might appreciate, enjoy a song that was uplifting, and also incorporated instrumentations and rhythms from around the world. ‘Come Holy Ghost’ seemed appropriate since the theme correlated with the ‘Holy Spirit’ theme of World Youth Day 2008.

‘Enkindle’ evolved from another instrumental ‘Tangiers Lantern Twilight’ that evoked a geographic journey into the spiritual journey on traveling to WYD. Now it’s sort of fused together with ‘Come Holy Ghost’, less a medley, more a musical marriage.”

363993700_c4ae6ecdd6.jpg“Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle” begins with a ‘summons’ to Sydney, played on an Aborigine Didgeridoo. Just as Catholic youth from around the world will bring their own culture and gifts to Sydney, you might then hear bits and pieces of different rhythms, from Catalonian to Congolese, and instruments from all over-a saz, or lute from Greece, accordian from Germany, electric guitar and dulcimer from the United States, kalimba from Angola, rain stick from Guatemala, harp from Ireland. (photo taken by Giovanni Portelli)

In deference to Pope Benedict XVI’s favorite composer, we even mixed in a brief passage from Mozart’s ‘Rondo Alla Turca’. Also, there’s a bit of Gregorian Chant.

2391867119_c2b538c115.jpgSaid Kolter “We recorded several verses, and took sort of a remix approach to structuring the basic material. We decided to end with the first half of verse three, with respect to the many pilgrims coming to WYD who recently have been or soon will be confirmed and becoming spiritual adults, invested with ‘the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit’. It’s open ended-just like being confirmed: what will you do with gifts you’ve been given?” (photo taken by Giovanni Portelli)

“Enkindle” (c) 2008 Kolter Creative Counsel

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