Franciscan Sisters Serving at West Point, NE

Paul Keggington

December 01, 2008

west-point_picture-001-copy.jpgAt the threshold of the Advent Season, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity serving and living among the people of West Point, NE are ready to to begin this new church year. How shall they hear St. John the Baptist’s call to ‘prepare the way of the Lord?’

Mother Agna in a letter dated November 27, 1963 enfleshes further what a follower of St. Francis is called to do during Advent:

St. Paul admonishes us to ‘put on the Lord Jesus Christ’. In these concise words the Church has set up for us a program of religious deepening and spiritual renewal not only for Advent but for our entire lives.

To ‘put on Christ’ according to the meaning of the Apostle is not merely something external like putting on a piece of clothing. To put on Christ means to make ourselves inwardly and outwardly so conformable to Him that Christ is actually reproduced in us.

This living, real reproduction of Christ in us is the very kernel of Christian life and in particular Franciscan life…’lay aside the works of darkness, love of ease, attachment to our own will, uncharitableness toward our neighbor, and put on the Lord Jesus Christ.’

Find here the Sisters’ own daily life Advent reflections.

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