Christmas Eve: Wonder of the Incarnation

Paul Keggington

December 25, 2008

How does an almost one hundred forty year old Franciscan community celebrate St. Francis’ feast of feasts? The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Christmas Eve Celebration begins inside with carols,  a traditional Christmas crib prayer, Eucharist, social and then moves outside with all of creation.  Be part of the tradition.

Arnaldo Fortini’s words stir a  Wisconsin winter sense of Francis’ wonder of the mystery of the Incarnation:

A thousand torches blaze up in the darkness, joyous moving lights, like the enchanted lights in a festival of fantasy in legends arising from the deeps of a magic forest. And still it is snowing. A whirlwind of flakes dances in the flickering flames of the torches. Great crackling bonfires add their light and voice to the jubilation of flames that shine out on the harsh and lonely mountain. The night, writes Thomas (Thomas Celano who certainly got his information from someone who was there) is ‘lighted up like the day…the people filled with a new joy over the mystery.’ -Francis of Assisi by Arnaldo Fortini, translated by Helen Moak, 1980 edition)

Christmas Eve is ever mysterious and spiritually rich. What are your special memories?

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