January Song by Catherine MacLellan

Paul Keggington

January 01, 2009

cmaclellan_pressphoto04.jpg‘As winter hits’ seasonally and metaphorically in this 2009 new year, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature Catherine MacLellan’s January Song from the album Church Bell Blues. Catherine MacLellan’s compelling voice, honest lyrics and expressive acoustic guitar are all neatly framed by the empathetic production of longtime collaborator James Phillips. (Photo: Patrick Nichols)

With this album I was just finding a way to communicate my sadness and my feelings that I couldn’t necessarily express directly to people. I wrote most of the songs in the winter or the fall, when everything is dying and really quiet. It definitely represents the mood.

I definitely write about my personal experience, and I find people seem to respond by relating it to their own personal situations. That way, the songs are not necessarily just about me, and that’s what you aim for.                          -Catherine MacLellan

music_cbb_sm.jpgHer music is a characteristic of the work of many of the singer/songwriters Catherine cites as influences and inspirations, artists such as Joni Mitchell, Nanci Griffith, Townes Van Zandt and Julie Doiron. As a young songwriter Catherine MacLellan did not have to look far for inspiration and insight into the creative process. She’s the daughter of Canadian music legend, singer/songwriter Gene MacLellan, the writer of such huge international 70s hit songs as “Snowbird” (the Anne Murray classic) and “Put Your Hand In The Hand” (Ocean).

Nominated for 2007 East Coast Music Award (Female Solo Recording of the Year) in 2006, Catherine picked up four awards at the PEI Music Awards including Songwriter of the Year. She is a favorite among her own songwriter peers.

Lyrics: January Song

I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m ready now

Suddenly the winter hits, there’s so much snow down

It’s not like the year before, everyone has changed their place

I’m knocking on brand new doors, everything is rearranged.

Yes, it was a crazy year, we all had so much fun

But now I feel I’m wasted here, time to get some things done

It feels so hard to begin, just want to hang around with you

Think I could fit some business in between loving you.

Now, we’re all tired and we’re all broke now we’re all anchoring

Too much drinking, too much smoke, too much of something

It is January, and I’m wide awake

Always feels like morning and I’m running late.

Purchase through True North Records.

Website: http://www.catherinemaclellan.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/catherinemaclellan

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