On the Road Inspirations: Roundabouts

Paul Keggington

February 14, 2009

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Vocation Directors offer the second of a series of img_4812_edited-1.jpgOn the Road Inspirations’ gleaned from their experiences. Sharings from other travelers are welcome.

Francis: In whatever way it seems better to you to please the Lord God and to follow His footprint and poverty do it with the blessing of the Lord God and my obedience. And if you need and want to come to me for the sake of your soul or for some consolation, Leo [your name], come.(Letter to Brother Leo)

Scenario of the Roundabout

In your personal journey, is your spiritual life resembling a roundabout?

A google search reveals that roundabouts are statistically safer than traditional intersections.

ipod.jpgSpirituality is like an inner GPS. It is unique to each person and it calls for specific ways of relating to the world ‘around’ us. There is safety and comfort in praying with a sense of direction and in a certain way i.e. specific prayers, using scripture, adoration, prayers of intercession and gratitude. This assurance leads to choosing a path for growth in our relationship with God and others.

Roundabouts allow u-turns, which are often impossible or forbidden in normal road junctions.

uturn.jpgOur relationship with God is all about a movement to go deeper. This free flowing “intermingling of public and personal prayer…is how we speak to God and how God speaks to us. In this way we undergo those purifications by which we become open to God and are prepared for the service of our fellow human beings. We become capable of the great hope and thus we become ministers of hope for others.” (#34 On Christian Hope, Pope Benedict XVI)

Those entering the roundabout are required to yield to traffic. This yielding moves others through an intersection with less delay. It also accommodates the turning radius of large vehicles.

yield.jpgOur journey to God includes other people. It is vision that moves us beyond self-interest and self-concern. There is no end to our waiting, desiring and searching for God/others. This relationship with God/others leads us in a variety of directions and will continue as long as we live.

Spiritually and physically a traveler who is indecisive may end up on a path going no where, dizzy and out of sorts with life. (Keep watching the slideshow and you’ll get a good taste of what this means!) Stop when you find yourself in this kind of situation.  Seek guidance. Learn some decision making skills.

Can you add any other helpful contrasts or comparisons on roundabouts, the spiritual life etc. ?

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