Franciscans International Executive Director Visits Manitowoc

Paul Keggington

April 02, 2009

srdenise.jpgOn April 1, 2009, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed Sister Denise Boyle, FMDM, executive director in Geneva for Franciscans International (a non-governmental organization at the United Nations) in Manitowoc, WI


At a 7:15 p.m. presentation, Sister Denise shared on Franciscan International and its commitment to the values of St. Francis and St. Clare. The organization’s four main goals are: 

  • Human Rights
  • Peace
  • Justice
  • Care of Creation.

Three ways they do this, with the local mission in perspective, are: share grassroots stories of the people whom they serve or advocate for; facilitate meeings, panel discussions that include the people they serve or advocate for; and train people of their human rights.

fi5.jpgFranciscans International is internationally recognized and respected because of the work they do and the people whom they serve. As St. Francis once addressed the social leaders of his time with the challenge of peace, so today’s Franciscans continue the tradition.

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