Franciscan Ethicist Warning: Be Faithful to Gospel of Love

Paul Keggington

June 10, 2009

web_sulmasy_rev.jpgAt a recent New Orleans Catholic Health Assembly, June 7-9, 2010, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity,  FSCC HealthCare Ministry Inc. staff and local leaders from the system’s organizations heard Brother Daniel Sulmacy, OFM, present: “Gospel-Centered Health Care Is a Radical Approach in Today’s Secular World.”

A Franciscan physician and ethicist, Brother warned Catholic health care leaders:

  • that although Catholic institutions may have Catholic symbols on their wall and certain codes in place, they may be overly focused on medicine as a business–on measurable outcomes and management strategies.
  • U.S. culture largely has rejected Christian values and replaced them with secular thought.
  • place focus on the encounter between patient and caregiver and this relationship must be based on love.
  • despite economic pressure, now is the right time to return to the fundamentals of spirituality in the workplace

Do you see any other areas of challenge?

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