Find Out from Chuck E. Costa ‘Where the Songs Come From’

Paul Keggington

July 01, 2009

chuckthumb1.jpgThe Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s July-featured songwriter is modern day troubadour, Charles E. Costa in Where the Songs Come From.

 About Chuck…

Chuck was raised in New York City, part of an Italian family with a mother from Norway, which may be partly responsible for the creative breadth of Chuck’s musical expression.

After receiving a degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado and studying with poet Lorna Dee Cervantes, Chuck left Colorado to play music in the Northeast.

With his dulcet voice and emotive lyrics, Chuck has grown into a singer/songwriter with a unique and honest voice without any pretentious static. He is recognized as the 2009 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcaser, 2008 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Winner; 2007 Kerrville NewFolk Finalist (TX); 2007 Telluride Troubadour 3rd place (CO); and 2007 Solarfest Winner (VT).

He has shared the stage with such diverse nationally touring acts as: Rosanne Cash, The Weepies, Pete Seeger, Josh Ritter, Dar Williams, Peter Case, The Samples, Andrew Bird to name a few.

chuckthumb4.jpgOffering songwriting workshops for kids, Chuck taps into the incredible creative minds of kids and co-writes songs with all of their help and some quite amazing results.

Chuck has released three albums to date. Where the Songs Come From was recorded at Signature Sounds Studio and released in 2008. His latest ‘At the Drawing Board’ was released May 25, 2009.


Where the Song Comes From

I’m gliding through a tunnel of sycamore trees.

Somehow they seem more alive with no leaves.

The street was named Rose.

It’s off to Grandma’s house I go.

I’ve got a book of paperbacks

a suitcase of photographs

Get me from there to here

They’re the train

I’m the engineer.

I swallowed a red lego when I was 5.

I prayed. “Please God don’t let me die.”

At least not ’till they come home I don’t want to go alone.

I survived. Learned to play the saxaphone,

the piano and the baritone

and after Grandpa died,

I searched the basement for his old baseball cards

Instead I found this great big red guitar

And learned how to play

I’ve got a bookcase of paperbacks

a suitcase of photographs

Get me from there to here

They’re the train. I’m the engineer.

Gonna suck the marrow from the bone

Squeeze the blood from a stone

Be patient & I won’t run to find where the songs come from

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