Hearing God’s Call in a Busy World

Paul Keggington

July 29, 2009

franciscansisterhannah.jpgFranciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Hannah Johnecheck, OSF, is featured again. This time she is in the Knight’s of Columbus publication A Still Small Voice, Hearing God’s Call in a Busy World.

Here’s a bit of her story…

As I grew older, I did not intend to become a sister. One night at college, however, I was thinking about the sisters who taught me in grade school, and I realized that this was the life God was calling me to. From that moment, I became more committed to my faith. I prayed more. I went to Church faithfully. I joined a Christian group on campus. The desire to promotional-ad.JPGbecome a sister never left me. It kept tugging at my heart. I learned about various religious communities and visited them…

Any woman who is considering a call to religious life should not be afraid to risk, to dare to take the path less traveled. Open yourself to God, respond to what he is asking, and he will do the rest.

Does this sound like you?

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