Saints Inspire Artistic Expression and Reassurance

Paul Keggington

October 05, 2009

Still in a festive mood from the Francisan Feast of St. Francis, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are very aware of the companionship and consolation of so many saints in our daily lives. In addition to our blessed company of heavenly Franciscans, many others inspire thoughtfulness.

saint-faustina-5-october-2009-by-stephen-b-whatley.jpg Stephen Whatley from London writes:

I managed spontaneously to create a drawing to pay tribute to Saint Faustina; who passed into Heaven on this day in 1938. Not all Masses commemorate her life or Divine Mercy, which is sad- as my knowledge of this wonderful lady and her communion with Jesus through her great Diary, is a gift in my life. I couldn’t leave the day unmarked without trying to make an artistic statement…

I thought then that I wanted to share this charcoal drawing with you all (it was partly inspired by a 1929 photo of Sister Faustina)- it is dark here so I had to use a flash to photograph this piece…I hope you will feel her through my drawing. I may take a better photograph- but at least you will see it on this day. (photo: Stephen Whatley, Saint Faustina, October 5, 2009)

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What writings, photos, personal information about the canonized saints or souls intimately admired personally inspire you?

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