Relish Carloyn Arends’ ‘I Am A Soul’ This Thanksgiving

Paul Keggington

November 23, 2009

arendsgreenbuilding1.jpgIf you enjoy the abundance of God’s encompassing love and have an appetite for wonder and reverence about the nature of the human person, we, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, invite you to savour Carolyn Arend’s ‘I Am A Soul’ this Thanksgiving season.

Invitation: see Carolyn ‘live’ at Cup O Joy, Green Bay, WI on December 5, 2009.

Carolyn and Arlan Feiles’ ‘I Wonder’ unite this month on Franciscanized World to provide a menu of timely thoughtfulness. You’ll want to listen to both artists.

Carolyn’s Notes on I AM A SOUL

My duo partner Spencer and I were sandwiched into a window and middle seat on a flight across Canada.  In the coveted aisle seat was a man heartily enjoying a book by one of the “New Atheists” – I can’t remember if it was by Dawkins or maybe Hitchens.  (Let’s call it “Ditchkins”.)

Spencer is never one to turn down a good conversation so he started chatting this fellow up.  It turned out he was a thoughtful professor of something or another who was convinced that no case could be made for any existence beyond this material world.  Pretty soon all three of us were in a lively discussion about synapses and neurons and whether there was any reality beyond that which can be built from molecules. 

I found myself stymied.  How does one argue for Transcendence without just sort of mumbling about beauty and art and hunches and instincts? 

You know how, when you lose an argument, a thought comes into your head an hour or a day later and you think THAT’S what I should have said?  “I Am a Soul” is what I should have said.  I wrote it a few days after the airplane conversation, and if I can ever track that professor down, I’ll thank him for the inspiration!


Carolyn Arends is releasing her 10th album and is the author of 2 critically-acclaimed books.  15 of Arends’ songs have become top 10 radio singles on the Canadian pop and US Christian charts.  Arends has earned 2 Dove Awards, 3 Juno Nominations, and was recognized as the West Coast Music Awards’ Songwriter of the Year.

carolyn.jpgCarolyn’s newest project, Love Was Here First, features 10 new Carolyn originals and a reinterpretation of the classic gospel tune “Standing in the Need of Prayer.”  New musical twists like vocals from the 3-man gospel group The Sojourners and a crackling horn section surprise and delight, but what’s really on display here is the lyrical prowess of a master songwriter passionate about her subject–the encompassing love of God.


Invitation:  See Carolyn ‘live’ at Cup O Joy, Green Bay, WI on December 5, 2009.

I Am A Soul Lyrics

Molecules and atoms, just like Eve and Adam

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Even still I wonder – when we are six feet under

Will that truly be the end of us

‘Cause why beauty, why poetry

Why “no! no! no!” to every tragedy

Why laughter, why lullabies

And why this asking why

I have a body, but I am a soul

I see a fraction, it’s not the whole

I cannot prove it, but still I know

I have a body … I am a soul

A sculpture or a canvas can speak a private language

Telling secrets hidden in the heart

About a world of spirit – I swear sometimes I hear it

Playing like a piper in the dark

It’s in love songs, in symphonies

In funeral marches and in liturgies

It’s in whispers, in rally cries

In dreams that won’t say die

You have a body but you are a soul

You see a fraction, it’s not the whole

I cannot prove it, but still I know

You have a body … you are a soul

World without end, amen


© 2009 Running Arends Music/ASCAP

Phil Robertson: drums

Adrian Walther: bass

Roy Salmond: electric guitar, organ, keybords, tambourine, backing vocals

Spencer Capier: electric and archtop guitars

Carolyn Arends: acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Word Without End: The Not Bad Singers


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