Is there a Connection between Religious Communities and Sustainability

Paul Keggington

January 20, 2010

img_7289.jpgReligious Communities who have been around for over 100 years have a weathered Gospel wisdom that is passed from generation to the next. Such dedicated religious inherit a strong respect for each of their members and all of life, including the small or seemingly insignificant in creation. In this spirit, the leadership of the Norbertines of St. Norbert Abbey, Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, and the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity planned an evening conversation on the topic of sustainability and religious life on January 19, 2010.

Important to the discussion included the following:

img_7288.jpgSt. Bonaventure in Souls Journey Into God, said: “Therefore open your eyes, alert the ears of your spirit, open your lips and apply your heart so that in all creatures you may see, hear, praise, love and worship, glorify and honor your God.”

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