How Often May I See Family

Paul Keggington

February 21, 2010

Being retro is really a lifetime movement when it comes to family. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are not alone in needing quality time of just hanging out with parents, grandparents, sibblings, and other relatives. So just how often can a young woman expect to see family in the process of becoming a Sister?

Here are some short, simple responses. Feel free to ask for further clarification.

During the first year of becoming a Sister (called postulancy), you can expect to ‘hang out at home’ with family at Christmas time and for a couple of weeks in May. Your family may choose one day each semester which is most convenient for them to visit you at the Motherhouse. When families come from a distance, they are welcome to use our guest houses that are on our Motherhouse property for overnight accommodations.

peasel2.jpgThe novitiate (a time of learning to be a woman religious with an intense study of the vowed life) extends over a period of two years beginning for us on the feast of St. Anthony of Padua, June 13. As a novice you may visit your family home once a year. You also invite family to see you at the Motherhouse twice during the year. The Community’s Novice Directress assists in setting these dates.

img_0195.JPGAs a professed Franciscan Sister, we may enjoy a two-week annual visit with our family and relatives. The times may be broken up to allow several visits each year or attendance at some special family event, providing the traveling distance is reasonable.

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