How One Franciscan Sister Received a Gift of Roses

Paul Keggington

March 13, 2010

Two local Zanesville, OH, businesses, Times Recorder and Imlay Florist, decided this week to recognize Sister Cyrilla Jackels, OSF, a sponsor representative of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity at Genesis HealthCare System, as this week’s recipient of the Gift of Roses.

franciscan-sister-cyrilla-and-others-doing-transporting-at-zanesville-medical-center.jpgThe nominator said, “There are not many who have been to Genesis Good Samaritan in the last eight years and have not met Sister Cyrilla. She is a very warm, generous, loving person. Having spent over 30 years in Lima, Peru, Sister is very fluent in Spanish and has been an interpreter on many occasions at Genesis and in other situations in the Zanesville community.”

Congratulations, Sister Cyrilla!


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