How about a ‘5’ for Francis

Paul Keggington

May 18, 2010
Five for Francis

Franciscans International '5 for Francis' allows active participation in important concerns before the United Nations.

Remember the ol’ high five historically begun in the latter part of the twentieth century? Although not as stylish anymore, who wouldn’t agree that this saint who believed in serving the most volunerable in his society was worthy of a gesture of elation! Recently, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were alerted to Franciscans International’s more current ‘5 for Francis Give 5 Ask 5’.

For over 800 years, the Franciscans have worked among the poor and most vulnerable in over 142 countries — including ours.  Since 1989, Franciscans International has brought our concerns to the United Nations.

With nearly 700,000 members worldwide, the  Franciscans not only minister in traditional Missionary settings, but also care for the sick, forgotten and neglected in inner cities or rural areas of wealthy  nations.

Give $5 each month to Franciscans International and Ask 5 others to assist you to help:

Do follow the links provided to learn more how this organization is truly trying to bring about a more Franciscanized World. And be part of the action in any way that you are able.

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