Building a Bridge Through Song and Community

Paul Keggington

May 28, 2010

Steel Bridge Songfest Musicians
Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity highlight the efforts of the Steel Bridge Songfest which builds community while saving a historic landmark in Door County Wisconsin.

A campaign to save an old bridge becomes a large-scale musical event, inspiring artists and revitalizing a community in the process. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity share songs and offer free music downloads of selections that bring home the message, convey the fun and immortalize the spirit of  Steel Bridge Songfest, Door County, WI. St. Francis would feel at home in this event that builds even deeper bridges of the heart and spirit.

You’ll want to listen to a sample of writers and artists who volunteer their time, energy and creativity with proceeds and royalties donated to the Steel Bridge Fund held by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Keep scrolling and clicking until you have heard each song.

And if you like what you hear, desire to hear more and count yourself apart of this community-in-the-making cause, click here.  Or better consider showing up in person at this fun event on June 10-13, 2010. Check here for a schedule that includes over 150 musicians.

Leavin It All Behind by Todd Carey and Freedy Johnson

Build Us A Bridge by Kim Manning and Landon Capelle

The Real Deal by Tom Schriner-Schmitt

There is An Answer by James Hall

He Walked on The Water by Mo Rose

Additional News Flash: The Great Sturgeon Bay Ship Horn Sound Off

You are invited to be part of a truly unique sonic event involving the Wisconsin DOT bridge  horns, the tug fleet, the Maritime Musuem’s John Purves tug, the Coast Guard and any other ships in port at 12 noon, Saturday, June 12. Read more.

Messages from the Artists

Todd Carey

Todd Carey

Song: Leavin It All Behind

Comments from Todd

On May 25th, Todd will release “After the Morning After”. Produced by Mikal Blue (Colbie Callait, Angel Taylor), the set showcases his triplethreat singing/songwriting/guitar playing.



Kim ManningKim Manning

Song: Build Us a Bridge

Comment about the song:

This song is about how we are all connected, everyone, and that by recognizing and honoring that connection we can rest assured that we are never alone, and that we can all grow strong, healthy, happy and holy.  As Yogi Bhajan said ‘See God in all or see God not at all’.


I found a bridge 

Would you meet me there?

 Won’t walk alone

 Your spirits in the air

Love is the common Ground 

Two heartbeats make one sound

 Let’s build us a bridge

and stop tearing old one’s down


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