For Real: 4 Called to Be Franciscan Postulants

Paul Keggington

August 22, 2010


Franciscan Sisters Postulants

Lindsey Lanier, Rose Pearson, Holly Larson and Leslie Gonia arrived at the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Motherhouse on August 22, 2010 to begin their lives as Postulants under the guidance of Sister Elaine Turba, OSF.

Can you imagine waking up on August 22, 2010 knowing that before the end of the day we Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity would open the doors of our lives to 4 young women as Postulants? Talk about an exciting day dream really happening.

And the Postulants desiring to discern further a possible call to Franciscan religious life in our community did arrive mid-day at the Motherhouse. Two came by car. Two came by air to the Milwaukee airport followed by an I43 car ride.

Although a future posting will include some personal sharing from our Postulants, here’s four brief profiles:

Sister Elaine Turba, OSF, will guide the Postulants in their efforts to further open themselves in faith to God and to discovering His will for their lives (along with a community of cheering Franciscan Sisters.)

 Allowing for a gradual transition from the lay life to the life of the Novitiate, our Postulants receive assistance in these areas:

  • personal and communal prayer and spiritual reading
  • group instruction and discussions
  • regular personal guidance
  • formal guidance in prayer
  • acquaintance with our ministries
  • academic and spiritual preparation for participation in our ministry
  • personal growth experience of living and working with us
  • home visits with family and friends while continuing to work through a life choice

Check out another ‘before’ and ‘after’ look. Expect to hear more about their lives together from them. The Lord bless you, Leslie, Holly, Lindsey and Rose.

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