Now You Can Dialogue with St. Francis and Lady Poverty

Paul Keggington

September 27, 2010

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity perform the sacred reading entitled The Dialogue of St. Francis and Lady Poverty as a Readers’ Theatre adaptation of  The Sacred Exchange between St. Francis and Lady Poverty.

Franciscan Sisters Perform Sacred Reading

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity provide Readers' Theatre of the 'Dialogue of St. Francis and Lady Poverty'.

According to Father Regis Armstrong in Francis of Assisi, vol. 1, page 523, the essay was written as an appeal to the friars to return to the “idealism of poverty on which the community of Francis and his followers was built”. Saint Francis’ biblical vision of poverty is presented by Lady Poverty and Francis in the story of salvation history.

The Story

Prologue: Poverty is the most excellent virtue. (4 min)

[audio: 01 Prologue.mp3]

Francis seeks Lady Poverty in Assisi and chooses others to join the search. (7:30 min.)

[audio: 02 Francis in Assisi & Francis chooses his brothers.mp3]

Lady Poverty welcomes Francis and his brothers on the Mountain part 1. (5:43 min)

[audio: 03 Lady Poverty on the mountain part 1.mp3]

Lady Poverty on the Mountain part 2 (5:06 min)

[audio: 04 Lady Poverty on the mountain part 2.mp3]

Lady Poverty tells the story of Adam. (6 min)

[audio: 05 The story of Adam.mp3]

Christ Jesus comes to establish the Covenant. 7:20 min)

[audio: 06 Covenant of Christ & The broken covenant.mp3]

Brothers abandon Poverty, follow Greed. (4:12 min)

[audio: 07 brother abandon poverty part 1.mp3]

Brothers abandon Poverty, follow Greed continued. (4:04 min)

[audio: 08 brother abandon poverty part 2.mp3]

Brothers abandon Poverty, follow Greed continued. (4:41 min)

[audio: 09 brother abandon poverty part 3.mp3]

Brothers abandon Poverty, follow Greed continued. (4:07 min)

[audio: 10 brother abandon poverty part 4.mp3]

Lady Poverty confirms brothers ascent; Francis and brothers accept Lady Poverty. (5:30 min)

[audio: 11 Lady Confirms brothers ascent.mp3]

Brothers prepare a  banquet for Lady Poverty. (4:30 min)

[audio: 12 Banquet of poverty.mp3]

Lady Poverty asks for Heaven’s blessing. (6:10 min)

[audio: 13 Blessing of brothers.mp3]

Readers (in order of appearance)

Dialogue of St. Francis and Lady Poverty Production Manager and Director

Franciscan Sisters Sister Anne Turba, OSF, and Sister Martin Flavin, OSF, led the production of the Franciscan Sacred Reading.

Narrators: Sister Adrianna Schouten, Sister Judanne Stratman

Lord God: Sister Greta Peter

Francis: Sister Anne Turba

Angelina, Citizen of Assisi: Sister Natalie Binversie

Sophia, Citizen of Assisi: Sister Julie Ann Sheahan

Isabella, Country Woman: Sister Elizabeth Ann Mueller

Paola, Country Woman: Sister Laura Wolf

Lady Poverty: Sister Michaela Melko

Brothers: Sister Helena Young, Sister Delores Wisnicky, Sister Patricia Touhey, Sister Mary Frances Maher, Sister Mary Ann Spanjers, Sister Karen Suhr

Adam: Sister Carol Juckem

Angels: Sister Caritas Strodthoff, Sister Carolee Vanness, Sister Elena Gonzales, Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel

Greed: Sister Emy Beth Furrer

Apostles: Sister Camilla Wolfgram, Sister Isabelle Wilhelm, Sister Monica Martin

Musicians: Sister Carol Juckem, Sister Chiara La Valley

Composer of Music: Sister Carol Juckem

Production Manager: Sister Anne Turba

Director and Author of Dialogue in Dramatic Form: Sister Martin Flavin

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