Discern Your Call with ‘God’s Own Open Road’ by Tish Hinojosa

Paul Keggington

January 01, 2011

With Sunday’s Scripture readings for the Baptism of the Lord urging vocation reflection, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to discern your call from God this January 2011 by also listening to Tish Hinojosa‘s God’s Own Open Road

 About Tish

Tish Hinojosa

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to discern your call from God this January 2011 by listening to Tish Hinojosa's 'God's Own Open Road'.

Tish Hinojosa’s music crosses borders-between cultures, languages and musical genres. Moving with equal grace through folk, country, pop and latino styles, her music reflects contemporary America’s multicultural richness. Combining a vision that embraces all of these musical styles, with her characteristic warmth and a pure, soulful voice, this Texan singer-songwriter has gained a loving and loyal audience throughout America, Europe and beyond.

As the youngest of thirteen children born to Mexican immigrant parents in San Antonio, TX, Tish grew up listening to the traditional Mexican songs on her parents’ radio as well as to the pop and folk stations of the 60’s.


GOD’S OWN OPEN ROAD by Tish Hinojosa

Somewhere neath a darkened sky
A weary heart a lonesome eye
Tracks along an empty highway
Lead to somewhere else

All my past & all my wishes
Tears reflect on muddy ditches
My own mind is searching for
An answer from the eyes that look right back

I want to know about the outer reaches
Everything that heartbreak teaches
Questions of survival that in every soul exist
What about the endless sky
A child wants to know just why
The world spins round and people die
And does it hurt, well baby so do I

Walking on the streets I’ve known
A city that I once called home
A stranger now another time
That doesn’t want me back

Poems in my native tongue
Whisper where I used to run
The river brushing by a shore
That knew it all along

Bridge II
Here I stood and there I dreamed
A future bright as magazines
Without the shades of sorrow in between
Where we’ve been & what we’ve seen
Are we taught or are we teaching
Reaching seeking needing preaching
Pleading speeding screeching to a halt

Cattle guards and power lines
Mark the distance of our times
Like wheels that roll and bells that toll
Of hours and aging wine

Love we gave and love we made
Gone astray and then forgave
Naked as a masquerade
For truth to figure out

Bridge III
Voices shout and voices sing
Words slip out and most stay in
Symphonies that live within the pockets of our soul
Colors of the open sea�
Paint the edges of a dream
With crystal blues and deeper hues
Of wind and earth and God’s own open road 



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