Here’s One Way for Catholic Young Women to Eat with Their Bishop

Paul Keggington

April 13, 2011

Bishop David Ricken sent out a dinner invitation to Catholic young women in his Diocese of Green Bay for April 12, 2011. Women religious including Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were also present around the table of the Eucharist, at dinner and later in small group conversations sharing our lives as Catholic women religious.

Why the invite? To put it simply, Bishop Ricken desires young women to learn more about the vocation to consecrated religious life. High school junior or seniors, college students and beyond who were willing to look at how God is calling them in life were invited by one of the Sisters of the Diocese or showed up on their own. Eucharist, the source and summit of all activity of the Church including growth in unity/community, was an important beginning of the gathering. Add healthy food and good conversation and you have a perfect menu for an evening out that could be life-changing.

Father Daniel Schuster, Diocese of Green Bay Vocation Director, helped in the planning of the evening.

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