Franciscan Discernment: Remembering Who You Are Part 2

Paul Keggington

June 30, 2011

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Marie Kolbe Zamora continues on the topic of ‘Discernment: Remembering Who You Are’. If you haven’t read part 1 click here.

Discernment does not require me to project my life out into the future so as to figure out what I am “supposed to do”, though my future is definitely at stake.  NOR does it suffice for me to plot out my future following the model of life that someone else has lived, however beautiful that model might seem, or however highly the Church might esteem that model.  Even St. Francis understood this, for near the end of his life he declared to his brothers that he had done what was his to do, and that they were now to do what was theirs to do.

Rather, the task of discerning one’s vocation is that of remembering who we are . . . of being able to “read” that “word” which God spoke when he created us  and re-created us in baptism.  When we grow in discernment, we grow in our capacity to “read” within our lives the meaning that God intended when he “spoke” us in the first place. 

It seems obvious to say, but if we are to “read” within our lives the meaning that God intended when he “spoke” us, we must remember that we are not our own words; rather, we are words of the Father.  From this conviction, we can be sure of two truths. Read more…

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