When a Catholic School and 4-H Leaders Work Together

Paul Keggington

September 06, 2011

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity, Sister Kathleen Murphy shares the good news of  a hands-on project involving Mississippi Leflore County 4-H Teen Leaders and St. Francis of Assisi School, Greenwood, MS. Sister Annette Kurey’s images capture the emotions of all the participants.

Teens wishing to take part in the Leflore County 4-H Leadership program must qualify for the experience.  Their leader, Christine Merriweather brought them to St. Francis of Assisi school to do a project with our Kindergarteners.  They chose to create Simba lion pillows since they felt that the students would be familiar with this beloved Disney character. 

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy shares the good news about a partnership between a Catholic School and 4-H future leaders. Photos Sister Annette Kurey

The teens came with fleece and felt pieces all cut and prepared.  They then helped the children one-on-one to tie the fleece edges, stuff and add a face to the pillows. Their leader wanted to observe how they would deal with the stresses and unexpected glitches that can happen in group interaction.  She also wanted to see how each teen would take on a leadership role.   

Listening to the busy hum, it was hard to decide who was enjoying this more–the teens or the kindergarteners.  It was great for the little ones to see teens who were willing to help in the school setting.  Several of the students are entering their lion pillow in the Mississippi State Fair.  The other great outcome is that the 4-H group has asked to return and do another project.  With their positive spirit and their ability to be good role models for our children, we’ll all look forward to seeing them again.

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