How Franciscan Sisters Celebrate Transitus of St. Francis

Paul Keggington

October 04, 2011

On October 3, 2011 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s Celebration of the Transitus of St. Francis at the Motherhouse in Manitowoc, WI, was especially memorable. What could make such a traditional vigil prayer remembering our holy father’s passing from death into eternal life unforgettable?  This year Sister Martin Flavin thoughtfully pondered and adapted the Friars’ Prayer at Francis’ Death and the Lament of the The Poor Ladies at San Damiano and included them in the candlelight service. Where do these words of grief come from?  Blessed Thomas Celano relates them in his first book chronicling the life of our 12th century founding father.

After having spent the night of the death of their beloved Father Francis in prayer and song, the small band of Friars sought consolation by going to San Damiano, the residence of the Poor Ladies where Francis often found the peace of His Beloved, Jesus Christ. Here in the enclosure, Clare gathered her Sisters near the Chapel wall where all could listen to the voices of the sorrowing Friars share their memories of the final hours of their Saintly Father.

Often, as years, went by, the Poor Ladies of San Damiano would recall the memories, the prayers and psalms which the Friars had shared that holy day of Francis’ death. We continue the tradition.

We invite you to read the classic texts that were proclaimed in dramatic prose by Franciscan Sisters, Novices and Postulant. Click on the links below. Enjoy the additional photos.

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