Why Some Catholic Students Sign Up for Busy Student Retreat

Paul Keggington

October 13, 2011

Campus Minister, Brian Zanin, and the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Catholic Student Coalition invited Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity to facilitate a Busy Student Retreat beginning after Sunday Eucharist at St. Patrick Church on October 9, 2011. For the last three days, Sister Mary Ann Spanjers and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan began eating 3 meals a day with students at the Campus Ministry Center (‘Little House’ on Prairie Street), and having small group sessions morning, noon and night when individuals were free to take time for God. Add opportunities for Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation provided by Father Norberto Sandowal and Father Bill Nolan, other night-time prayer opportunities and you have one spiritual high. 

Why Retreat

Here’s reasons why students signed up in the first place to come for this retreat.

  • desire to grow in faith and the love of the Lord
  • felt it was the thing to do
  • hoped to have a form of religion class like I have grown up with every year in private school
  • wanted to refresh and renew my relationship with God
  • loved it last year; it took my mind off everyday stress and business; hope to gain a sense of peace
  • hope for closeness to God

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Although retreatants didn’t mention the good food, that indeed made it a perfect body/soul experience! Here are more straight-forward comments:

  • hope to become more comfortable trusting that God will let everything work out
  • my first time that I will participate in a retreat; not sure why I signed up; hoping God will show me why
  • need a renewal of mind and spirit; hoping this retreat will transform my soul and put me on the right path again
  • hope to learn some new ideas
  • an enriching experience, I hope to broaden my perspective of my faith
  • haven’t been on  a retreat for while so hope to be close to Christ

Enjoy our gallery of photos capturing some of the moments of these prayerful days.

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One Reflection Question

Retreats encourage awareness. When were you last aware of  listening to another or someone listening to you?

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